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Познатата актерка и нејзиниот сопруг имаат три ќерки

Мила Јововиќ е во хармоничен брак со Пол Андерсон, британски режисер, продуцент и сценарист, од 2009 година.

Парот има три ќерки – Ивер Габо, родена во 2007 година, Дашел Идин, родена во 2015 година и Осијан Ларк Елиот, родена во 2020.

Познатата холивудска убавица, која ја знаеме од филмовите „Притаено зло“, „Јованка Орлеанка“, „Петтиот елемент“ и многу други, ужива во семејниот живот со сопругот и нивните три ќерки.

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Happy New Year everyone!! Oh my goodness, getting a good family photo for New Years is like pulling teeth, by the time the kids stop moving and making faces and complaining and asking how much longer they have to do this and then moving and telling them I’ll make them stand for an hour if they don’t stay still🤦🏻‍♀️😡, but finally I got a few where everyone is mostly in focus😂 and smiling at the same time. But apart from the photo drama, the evening has been beautiful, spending time with my family and I have my god daughters with me as well, it’s always wonderful to hear children laughing and running around like crazy people. I hope you’re all having an amazing time tonight and I pray this year is healthy, happy and brings you all you desire! Sending so much love!!❤️❤️❤️ #happynewyear2020✨

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Она што мораме да го констатираме е дека двете поголеми девојчиња неодоливо личат на мајка им и дека се вистински убавици.

Бебето Осијан сè е уште е мало за да се види на кого личи, но ако и кај неа победиле мајчините гени, ќе изгледа слично на двете поголеми сестри.

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Smush number 1 and Smush number 2😂 #sisters

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Мила која има украинско-српско потекло (татко Србин и мајка Украинка), важи за една од најубавите и најатрактивни актерки во Холивуд, па не е ни чудно што и нејзините ќерки навистина се убави деца.

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My angel @evergaboanderson in her story shot by the uber talented @chrissbrenner for @flauntmagazine to promote her new movies @black.widow and “Peter Pan and Wendy”! Some of you have wondered whether it’s right for me to allow my child to work in the entertainment industry so young. I personally think the most important thing a parent can do is help their children find their passion. To do what makes them happy. That’s one of the most difficult things to find because “doing what you love” can be so elusive for most people. But after putting many obstacles in Ever’s way when she was much younger, she worked hard and persevered, never taking her eye off her goal which was to be an actress. There’s also the saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” and that’s very true in this case. Some people are very judgmental and say “oh of course it’s so easy for her being the daughter of an actress and director”. Well for sure it’s easier as she has us to guide her and she’s been raised on film sets her whole life. Connections are important in this industry and she’s got a leg up in that sense for sure. But as the old adage goes: you can bring a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. If Ever wasn’t extremely talented in her own right, no one would be putting her in movies because we’re her parents. In perspective, out of 22 auditions, she’s gotten 2 films so far. It’s not so easy to land a role. She’s got IT. She truly does and thank goodness for her that we can help her bypass the pitfalls that many young people stumble on in this business. So her talent is undiluted by superfluous distractions and she’s not taken advantage of by ill intentioned people. Will it be a difficult path? You better believe it. This industry eats you up and spits you out if you’re not on your game. But at the same time, if you love it and excel at it the way she does, if you take all comments positive and negative with a pinch of salt and remain level headed, not believing your own hype, it can be incredibly rewarding as well. And so it begins! We’re so proud of you Ever Gabo.❤️❤️❤️

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Неверојатна сличност: Мила Јововиќ ги израдувала обожавателите со преслатка фотографија со ќерката!
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